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Dr. Flori Cristian followed the courses of dental medicine and, after their completion, continued to specialize in Endodontics. Interested in Facial Aesthetics, participated in conferences and studies in this field, following specialization in Hyaluronic Acid Augmentation.

  • Specialization in current clinical endodontics
  • Specialization in Hyaluronic Acid Augmentation
  • Annual attendance at congresses, conferences and seminars dedicated to dental medicine

Dr. Flori Cristian considers prevention the most important step towards a healthy and harmonious smile. When it is no longer possible to maintain dental health, a major and beneficial indication is to have a dentist. It will set up a personalized treatment plan tailored to your needs.

“My philosophy of dental practice derives from the personal philosophy of health and well-being. Oral and physical health are inseparable. The multidisciplinary approach includes treating patients and not just diseases. Attitudes, habits and lifestyle are important in diagnosis and treatment.

“When I decided to become a doctor, I did not fully understand what it means. I would not have predicted the amazing values ​​of direct impact on one’s life or the challenges we face when we encounter a difficult case. Every day we have the opportunity to take care of patients at the most vulnerable moments. Despite the stress, the long hours spent in the cabinet, I can not imagine a different career. ”

“An important aspect of this area that I felt attracted to was endodontics. This is the dental specialty dealing with the study and treatment of pulp disorders. “Endodontic doctors perform a variety of procedures, including endodontic therapy (commonly referred to as canal treatment), teeth root surgery, fractured teeth or various trauma their.

“Current trends in this area include the use of microscopes, dental tomography, ultrasound and microsurgery. In addition, practicing this specialization helps you develop additional skills such as rapid diagnosis of pain source, communication skills and empathy towards patients, attention to detail. Modern endodontic therapy is comfortable and painless. In fact, it happened that patients would fall asleep during the treatment. ”

Also interested in facial aesthetics, Flori Cristian participated in conferences and studies in this field, following the specialization in Hyaluronic Acid Augmentation.

“When nature or genetic heritage does not help, we can intervene. Over time, either the natural aging process or exposure to environmental factors (pollutants or sunlight), the body’s natural deposit of hyaluronic acid is degraded and destroyed. The use of hyaluronic acid improves the contour of the skin, being a minimally invasive procedure. No post-intervention recovery time is needed, and the results are spectacular. ”

“The physician’s clinical skills are not enough to provide the patient with the best treatment options. Participating in continuing medical education and maintaining knowledge gained over time is a priority for me. ”

Cuvinte de la pacienti


Am ajuns la clinica trimis de medicul meu pentru un tratament de canal mai complex. A fost rezolvat intr-o singura sedinta.

ANDREEA, 41 ani

La inceputul tratamentului mi-au fost explicate procedurile si costurile. Sunt incantat ca acestea au fost respectate.

GEORGE, 35 ani

Timp de asteptare minim si abordare profesionala. Am recomandat aceasta clinica colegilor si prietenilor.

CIPRIAN, 52 ani

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